Top 5 Cost Effective Ways to Transform your Home.

Bored of you house decor? Is it not exciting anymore?Want to spice up your house? The answer to these questions is Renovation. But the quote is pretty much overwhelming because of its cost involved. If you want to light up your house but aren’t sure where to start, I have some  cost effective tips which will transform your home for better.
Start at the front door/entry:
The front door should be such that the moment guest walk in your house they should get a sense of your style instantly.

How to improve CIBIL Credit score?

A Bad CIBIL score can be a nightmare for people who need money on urgent basis due to any reasons. Whenever you apply for a loan all banks compulsorily verifies CIBIL score of the applicants to check the creditworthiness of individuals. If the CIBIL score is less, it simply means the applicant is credit worthy enough to get the loan because of his past actions.
Your CIBIL score is a 3 digit number that ranges from 300-900 on the basis of how you manage your credit cards and loans.
1.Do not delay or miss any payments:
When it comes to credit card,

5 Things Homebuyers should never compromise on

Every home search begins with a wish list. There are few things in your mind a house must haves, from location to decor and you’ll know whether a house is worth your time or no.
Still,there’s a strange thing that happens when you are on a house hunt. This wish list seems to grow more as you look around for more and more houses. But eventualy you realize that there are certain things you’ll have to compromise on and that you can’t have everything.
But, I have come up with top 5 things a home buyer should never compromise on:

5 ways to earn a good return on property investment

 I’ve seen many people living a luxury lifestyle by building a portfolio of real estate, and have also seen others lose their everything in the same field.
Like any other profession, if you have proper knowledge and if you are good at it, Real Estate can be a great Investment.
It is a source of generating income and rise in value overtime can improve your financial status.
If you are looking for low risk which offers good potential in the long run, then you should invest in property. If the property worth increases in the long run,

Challenges faced by first time home buyers

Buying a home is a tedious task, it’s even more challenging when you are buying home for the first time.
First time buyers  are not even aware of real estate terms and mortgage terms. The paperwork for buying a house , loan etc can  sometimes overwhelms you.
And of course, I shouldn’t forget the amount of money you need to put in together to purchase a home that can be really intimidating.
So if you are first time buyer, this post of definitely for you. By understand and recognizing some of the challenges you can make the process of buying house less stressful.

How to Keep an Amazing Reputation in the Real Estate Business

We have been into this business since many years and have also been involved in a ton of deals. The most important thing which stands out in all my dealing is company’s reputation and my reputation. But trust me it’s not at all easy to maintain and amazing reputations while you have so many competitors in the market who wants to put you down.
Trust and reputation are an asset for any business. Once your clients are comfortable with you, they will not just come back to you but will also recommend your service to others.

Importance Of Possession Letter And Occupancy Certificate For Home buyers

Imagine, you purchased a house and then get denied for civic amenities. This is exactly what happened with Mr Arun and his wife when they shifted to their own home in Mumbai. Buying a house is a watershed moment in the lives of middle class people. Mr Arun and his wife who were too excited to shift to his new life was totally unaware of the problems awaiting them.
Why were they denied basic civic amenities ?
The builder did not provide them occupancy certificate and thus the couple left stranded in the middle of nowhere.