Top 5 Cost Effective Ways to Transform your Home.

Bored of you house decor? Is it not exciting anymore?Want to spice up your house? The answer to these questions is Renovation. But the quote is pretty much overwhelming because of its cost involved. If you want to light up your house but aren’t sure where to start, I have some  cost effective tips which will transform your home for better.
Start at the front door/entry:
The front door should be such that the moment guest walk in your house they should get a sense of your style instantly. Try using a chest or decorative baskets to house keys.
Add a decorative touch by adding a mirror and foyer sized table for resting flowers, and accessories to pull your guests into your home. The mirror will open up your foyer and reflect the gorgeous décor of the space. Save money by using vases from other areas of your home that already exist.
If in doubt, paint:
Yes, paint ! Paint can make your house look new again. Infact, it is the most affordable way to change the look of your house. The right painting can transform your old house in to your dream home. You just need to find out the right combinations. You could even work in stripes to give your rooms a different feel. If you don’t know how to decide on colors? Ask a expert to suggest to mix quart or sample sizes for you.
Redesign your furniture layout:
You can dramatically change the look of your house just by re designing or moving furniture! an outdoor view, a wall painting, bringing pieces from other rooms or using some DIY stuff. You can simply remove some old furniture and get more open space, so that your home looks even better. Why don’t you try this method, it’s totally FREE!
Add greenery:
Definitely is one of the best, eco friendly and cheapest way to liven up a space. It just doesn’t gives a better look to your house but it also helps in air purification. Try this organic method today to transform your home.
DIY something:
DIY ! Many online videos are available , you can learn and DIY something. Needless to say DIY projects are inexpensive ways to decorate. You don’t always need something large, a simple and quick thing will still add up to your house.
Do you have any ideas to transform your house?
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